Mental Workload and Stress
Environmental Stressors
(Separate Lectures)
  • Vibration and Motion Sickness
  • Thermal Stress
  • Air Quality
  • Noise
  • Glare vs Darkness
Psychological Stressors
Cognitive Appraisal
How you are evaluating a situation
Level of Arousal
Yerkes Dodson Law
  • Stress and Performance have an inverted U relationship
  • Optimal Stress Level is higher for simple tasks
Yerkes Dodson Law Graph

Performance Changes with Over Arousal
  • Perception/Attention Tunneling (Keys in hand)
  • Cognitive Tunneling (Remember exam answer after test)
  • Working Memory Loss
  • Dominant habit prevails
  • Shifts to the left along the speed accuracy trade-off curve
Performance and Stress
If you are under stressed, your body will not secrete the hormones sometimes required to work better. 
Stress on the body
Stress causes a lot of biochemical changes (Physiological Responses) on the body
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