MyndBook is much more than a mind mapping tool -- it is a visual note mapping tool.


MyndBook is very visual, allowing you to map notes similar to how the brain works.

Note Mapping

Jot down notes, and worry about organizing your notes, grouping them, and relating them later.

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Since everything is online, you can view your mind maps anywhere you are -- even on tablets and smart phones.

Think. Learn. Earn!

  • Think. Brainstorm ideas and jot down everything that comes to mind related to the topic at hand.
  • Learn. Relate your notes together, add videos and other multimedia notes, and move your notes around to aid your learning and organization.
  • Earn. Profit from your thinking and learning! See how.

Image About Note Mapping



Note mapping. Made simple!

Think. Learn. Earn.

Myndbook is made for students - profit from your thoughts!
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