Ergonomics Methods
  • Motion Study
  • Time Study
  • Job Evaluation Decision
  • MTM
New Ergonomic Methods
  • Goal Specification
  • AAAA (4 Analysis)
    1. Function Analysis
    2. User Analysis
    3. Task (phys. & cogn)
    4. Environmental Analysis
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Heuristic Evaluation (fast comparing your design wit established guidelines)
  • Usability Testing
  • Observations and Measurements
  • Controlled Experiments
  • Modeling & Simulation
Modeling and Simulation
We usually think of quantitave modeling, but modeling and simulation is usually qualitative. 
Ex. Cognition Process (model)
- human information processing
  • Models as figures and tables
  • Models as equations
  • Modesl as integrated system of mathematics/simulations/theories
Model Components
Queuing Method
  • Visual Search Module
  • Decision Making
  • Driving
  • Resource Sharing Between Tasks
HUMOSIM Framework
  • Vehicle interior geometry
  • driver anthropometry
  • basic movement building blocks
  • Expected movement duration
  • reports movement progress and results
Ergonomics/Other Methods
Lots of other applications
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