Benefits for Students

Students who attend Aim Academics classes learn:
  • Academic subjects (Math, English, Science, etc.)
  • Discipline and routine
  • Organization skills
  • Study skills
  • Confidence to get ahead in school
  • Grading

    Tutors randomly check worksheets to ensure that students are doing their assigned work. Students/Parents can check answers for all the questions by logging into our Center Management System.

    Customized Curriculums

    Students are assessed using placement tests and review tests to help us customize a learning program for each student.

    Aim Academics Process

    Aim Academics (Aim4A) Group Classes are based on tutor guided worksheet program. See this video for details.

    Fees & Policies

    Whether your student needs to catch up or get ahead in school, our customized tutoring programs are highly effective. We keep our costs low and pass on the savings to you. See this video and our website for details on our fees and policies.

    Please Read Before Calling Us

    Our goal is to provide highly effective educational help for students while keeping our service affordable to parents. One way we keep our costs low and pass the savings to you is by automating repetitive tasks. Most parents call us asking the same basic questions, so we decided to answer them through the following quick videos. Please review these videos and if you still have questions, please scroll down to the bottom of this page to see how you can contact us. Thank you!

    How to Contact Us

    After reviewing the information on our website, if you still have questions, please do contact us:

  • Use the quick contact form. We usually reply within a few hours.
  • Call us at 248-987-8871
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