Great Compromise
Allowed discontination of slave trade after 1808, didn't explicitly say slavery in constitution, yet implied it. Did not forbid slavery. Slaves counted as 3/5ths person
Equality in Voting
Left issue to states
Economic Issues
States were placing tariffs, paper money was useless, and Congress was having trouble raising money.
The Framers were upper-class men protecting their interests who held bonds/investments that appreciate if the Constitution were adopted.
Yet not the case
Cheif policy maker. Granted power to create the conditions within which markets could flourish, while prohibiting practices that would inhibit economic development on states.
Individual Rights Issues
Framers designed a system that would preserve individual rights
-Prohibited suspension of writ of habeas corpus
-Prohibits Congress and states from passing bills of attainder (punish people w/o judicial trial) -Prohibits ex post facto laws
-Probits religiousqualification for holding office in nat'l gv't
-Defines conviction of treason
-Upholds right to trial by jury
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