Gas Trouble
Lot of people suffer with gas trouble.
What is the cause
what is the remedy
How stools are formed and pass through intestines
Body tries to through the waste outside.
some people leave out a liter of gas outside, what are the cause, their stomach is grinding and making sounds
digested food goes to intestines and blood. waste or stools are liquid in deudenum or first part of intestines. juice is absorbed more into the intestines and becomes thick.
If first and second stage of intestines stool stay long like 5 to 6 hours then gas is formed.
If person is constipated gas cannot escape the stools are jammed in the intestines and its contractions and expansions are restricted
gas cannot escape and then the person feels bloated
how gas is produced
idli if stored in closed container then it becomes sour and gas is produced
similary stools if stay in the intestines then produces gas
if stools stay even longer first gas is formed then the stools become even hard and form like balls.
proteins like batana, chana, channa dal and green leafy veggis creates gas as it takes more time to digest.
If person goes to stools regularly there is no gas production.
what foods does not cause gas
sahajamaina aaharam fresh foods, not cooked cause less gas
cooked food causes gas but regular going stools removes the gas. If constipated that makes more gas production and bloated gas trouble.
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