Why Intestines have less resistance
Pregulalo rakshana yenduku taggipotumdi

Germs are everywhere, in air water food etc body needs immunity or rakshana to kill all the germs
Water has germs and virus so animals drink that water and their body has ability to kill them
We wash after going to bathroom whiles animals don't
Humans only boil water cook food to kill germs. Some amount of this is ok.
Our digestive tube, water goes and food goes along with germs so stomach and intestines kill germs
Stomach has HCL which is very strong that if we pour on cloth it burns. Stomach kills most of them is some remains they are killed by small and large intestines.
For baby mothers first day milk is very good for the baby it has lot of germ killing bacteria. This is the base or culture that multiplies for baby's strong intestines foundation.
1 centimeter has Crores of bacteria in the intestines which helps if killing the germs. Baby with mothers milk the stools go fresh and on time.
When they start eating outside food that causes stools to smell based on what they eat.
Stools if left in the intestines bad germs multiply and create bad environment in the intestines
Intestines are becoming less resistance because stools are staying more time in the intestines so it obstructs contractions and expansions over a period of time.

Avoid Constipation
So avoid constipation at all cost.

Perugu and pullati perugu has lot of good acedoifilos bacteria. Pullati perugu has lot of multiplied good bacteria that is good for intestines.
Eating everyday perugu annam curd rice is good but sprouted beans is even more good.
For people with ulcers and neela virochanalu etc those people 5 pm take rice add milk and culture curd and put aside add small pieces of onion green chillies kotmir curry leaves so they nicely soak till morning. Next morning add lemon juice and eat for breakfast. This way in 3 months the resistance power increases a lot.

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