How stools are formed
Stools - how is it formed
digestive track is 7 meters from mouth to excretion output rectum
Intestines are 1 and half meter long
If u look at body it has some stools in it.
Let's say for understanding that interstices does not have any for now
If taken fresh veggies takes 3 hours to digest
If veg cooked with masala etc takes 6 hours
Oily foods meat foods take 7 hous to digest
Lets say we eat 8 AM breakfast digests in stomach and goes into small intestines
digests more then goes to large intestines left vertical which is watery. Water is absorbed by the body and then goes into horizontal large intestines then last phase vertical right intestines.
12 PM lunch pushes the previous stools.
3 or 4 PM snack again pushes intestines
6 PM dinner pushes again
Next morning if go to excrete we should excrete all the previous days digested food if not constipated.
How stools are excreted
Next morning everything is ready stools from breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner in line.
Go to stools jadinchi is good. That is stools come fast in seconds an not try hard.
Each morning if u go to stools only the stools in right vertical large intestines goes out ( that is breakfast and lunch) 50% people go to stools daily
Some people go once in 2 days. These people feel bloated. Intestines feels like tire filled with full air.
Body has to have output for input. Stools collect if constipated like traffic jam and houseful.
Our elders said that we should go to stools twice a day. And considered going once also as unhealthy.
Stools have toxins germs excretions from kidneys thinking it as drainage pipe.
Stocking inside is not good.
So excretion is more important than eating.
If we don't eat one day we still have body reserve.
If u leave food outside for a day pachipotundi. Same way we need to excrete every day.
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