Stools contain
Stools Contains
Fiber or peechupadarthalu
Indigested food like seeds, nuvululu tomato skin
Dead germs
stools fiber and dead cells percentage
Fiber, indigested food water is 1 part
Dead cells are 3 parts
Dead cells in stools
Dead germs cells die each day, red blood cells die like for each second die lakhs of them. This is like shavam or dead body and this kullipotai. This causes germs to build.
Crores of cells die so liver and spleen filters and converts dead to bile pythyrasam. If not then body becomes full of dead cells.
Liver converts and then passed into small intestines. Fiber acts as cheepuru and mops the intestines.

Why does stools smell?
Why does stool smell
Dead cells are the ones that causes stools smell not food

Meat eating people have no fiber so stools have 100% dead cells so stools are like balls and black as it contains mostly dead cells and so Smells a lot too.
Cats dogs lions tigers eat meat so to go to motion first finds the environment where no ones goes to go there because their stool smells.
If on cat stools a person steps feet on it the feet that is cracked then infection goes into blood which is not good.
In Meat eating animals an people the intestines have less length then vegetarian intestine length.
Vegetarian food with fiber goes out freely, but meat eating stools fiber is less and goes forcebily and smells and infectious.
Cow is vegetarian so it's stools are spread around house front yard because vegetarian food and less smell and less infectious
dog meat eater stool balls smells hard to go(bend and go)
Bird veg so stool balls does not smell and bird goes freely without force
If stools stay longer causes auto intoxification
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