Air, water and food are 3 imp body needs
If body does not get air person dies in few seconds, if person does not get water then few days person dies, if body does not get food person services for months too. So food is least imp but we still give importance to food and not water.
Body has 3/4 water and 1/4 material
Body needs water
Dehydration symptioms
Some symptoms of dehydration
1 Urine yellow
2 Urine smells
3 Headache
4 Vedichestundi
5 Kallu manta listai eyes hurt
6 Yendalo charmam mandadam, skin irritate under sun
7 Mouth dry
How much person needs water per day
Water is needed to clean pollution in the body

Body needs 4-5 liters of water
10 19 yrs 3-5 liters
20-60 yrs 4-5 liters

Kidney load, blood watery urin infection does not happen with drinking lot of water, proved by scientific studies

Raagi, steel or pots store water and drink. Don't use plastic bottles
Don't drink fridge cold water
If u want water to smell good add tulsi leaves or pudina
How to drink water each day
Body water usage can be divided into two halves
First half to body shudaddacheyadaniki
Second half helps body agains sun

First half
Morning get up and drink a liter water
Walk a little so go to bathroom for excretion
Don't do brush and vomit
Drink water liter go to excretion and dont drink another liter immediately.
if no excretion. wait for hour or so and then drink another liter of water
Excretion twice can be done with water

Second half - pagatiputa
1/2 hour before lunch drink water don't eat small snacks as it kills appetite
Water half hour before lunch increases appetite
Every half hour drink that cleans stomach so it removes acidity ulcers
During Lunch don't drink lot of water as it dilutes HCl acid. Drint only enough to mix and digest.
Eat slowly chew properly so saliva helps digest.
Charu and sambar maggiga eat less as it has lot of water content
2 hours after lunch drink water
Keep drinking 1 glass at a time till 5 PM till Half hour before dinner
Dinner eat at 6 PM so you can sleep after digestion
2 hours after dinner drink water
Don't drink water befor sleepin because U might get up to go bathroom and disrupts sleep.
All organs need rest including liver stomach and we sleep sound
Water Benefits
Drinking more water helps
reduces Low BP, no urinary infection, no constipation, no kidney stones, no gas trouble, no headache, no blood allergy histamines allergy material realized that cause asthma, no skin irritation with waste in the skin, the bad materials get flushed with water, skin looks kanthivantanga, no mouth smell, no sun allergy, no body smell, no cholesterol raise, BP maintain normal, weight loss helps, salt deposits reduce, bones juice produce, disk cushioning, helps in blood thinning
Body needs the following
There r lot of uses so it is needed for the body
Only drinking water cure everything but helps body
Body needs the following:
Thinking or alochanalu

During travel how to avoid dehydration
During travel if drink lot of water go to bathroom more so people dont drink water at all. That is not good.
If u drink lot of water body uses only some and rest get flushed away with impurities.
During travel it will help if drink few sips at a time so that the water goes directly to the body to use and person can avoid going to bathroom.
Cola coconut juices are not substitutes for water.
If body wants water give water only and not food.
If body asks for food you may provide with coconut or juices etc.
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