Piles, Fishers, Moolasankya vyadhi or hemorrhoids

If you know the cause we can diagnose ourself before going to doc.
Haemorrhoids is a varicose inflamed condition for the veins, inside or outside the rectum.
constipation causes gas trouble in most people
constipation also causes piles, fishes and blood in stools
stools have tiny blood
pain after stools
people think they have vedichechindi or bicycle ride or due to travel to different city etc
It is not hereditary
If goes to bathroom/stools everyday. todays excretion it is not yesterdays but day before yesterdays. Even if you go everyday we are not excreting fresh stools.
For people who are constipated and force to go stools have this problem. Their rectum looks protruding. Unlike other whose rectum goes back to original position after excreting.

  • Constipation
    constipation causes gas trouble, pressure in the intestines, contraction and expansion in the intestines reduces, spotted blood from rectum
  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Anal infections
kinds of piles or Hemorrhoids
Internal piles:
occur inside the anus at the opening of the rectum.If rupture while excreting bleeding occurs more.
External hemorrhoids
occur at the anal opening and may hand outside the anus.
chilchtam: example in Hot sun the fields/land break similarly the intestines lining cracks as the stools stay for long due to constipation
anal fishers
outside fishers
Avoid constipation
Medicines and over the counter drugs cure temporary
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