The Madisonian Model

Thwarting Tyranny of the Majority: "If men were angels, no gvt would be neccesary."
People: Limiting Majority Control
To keep most of the government beyond the power of the tyrannical majority
House of Representatives
Even if majority seized the house, they still cannot enact policies w/o the agreement of the Senate and the president.
Have lifetime terms. Review the constitutionality of the actions of the other two branches
Separating Powers
Each of the three branches are relatively independent of one another. Constitution does not divide power absolutely, however; rather, it shares it among the three institutions.
Creating Checks and Balances
Because powers were not completely separate.
Marbury v Madison
Established Judicial Review over other 2 branches of government in case about taxing the national bank
The Constitutional Republic
Not a direct democracy; a system based on the consent of the governed in which representatives of the public exercise power.
Favoring of Status Quo
Those who desire change must usually have a sizable majority.
Encourages moderation and compromise and slow change. Requires careful balancing of diverse interests
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