As you go to bathroom go stools then urine and done in few seconds and go all of it at one shot
stools should go that way and what habbits to follow that will lead to it
How many times to go per day
people might be scared to listen
you might think that we dont have time to go everyday etc
nowadays we ask " In how many days you go" instead of how many times you go per day

For today world going to bathroom/stools once per day is good
olden days grandparents used to say that twice a day going is good. They consider once a day as constipation
In America people go once in few days that is why lot of colon cancer exists

how to calculate how many times to go
Generally how many times people eat that many times go to stools is arogyalakshanam
If eat more go stools quantity more if eat less then go less
after eating 5 -6 hours digest

breakfast some food - 50% eat
lunch 1 full load --- 1 trip
snack 50% 1/2 load (breakfast + snack = 1 trip)
dinner -- full load - 1 trip

going twice day pervaledu - not bad
going once a day is still constipation - malabaddakam
once in two days is mondi malabaddakam
once in 4 days is gaja malabaddakam

Going to stools 2 or 3 times a day is good according to MSR

constipation causes
causes of malabaddakam/constipation: some people have gas trouble, reduce resistance, piles, worms in intestines
Not true that if go 2 or 3 times stools that body does not get energy
People have question that "If go 2 or 3 times day then how will body get the energy"
The food we eat gets digested and goes to intestines and energy is converted - so going 2 or 3 times does not create drained body
It is not true that if we eat more we gain weight if we retain
one person in usa example
in india was thin and go to bathroom 2 or 3 times a day
in usa got married to indian then wife wanted to gain weight and gave him lot of food to eat
in 1 year he did not put on weight so went to doctor and all tests was good and he did not put on weight.
what is a good habit
what ever we eat today has to go away by tomorrow when we start eating again.

Very good habit: After eating heavy food go to bathroom stools is good
any animals do that way, the body is designed that way
If we think that animals are different than men take example of small baby who drinks mother milk they drink stomach full and go to stools
Why people dont know this is because not many people go that way
If people go to stools like 3 or 4 times a day but go quantity few at at a time that is not good either. It is equavalent to going 1 fast and all at once

Why it is good to go stools after eating heavy food is that: when stools are ready in the intestines the food we eat go and push the already existing stools. They are in line so the pushing activity makes the stools go away.

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