Cleaning intestines
To clean house we use 2 kinds of cleaning mop or cheepuru. one with big rods to clean the big ones and soft cheepuru for soft dust
Fiber helps like cheepuru
Fiber acts like cheepuru and cleans up intestines and excretes
One of its charectaristics is that it has movement action so it pushes the other stools in the intestines.
Fiber examples
Grains with the skin, vegetables and its skin, beerakaya skin has lot of fiber, wheat with skin,
potla, sora, beera, dosakaya eat with skin
boppaya with skin is not good as it will create pundu in mouth
danimma/pomigrant seeds, karivepaku leaves,

sajjalu, jonnalu, ragulu, wheat, maize, muibiyyam, varugulu has some fiber.

badam, coconut, nuvulu, peanuts, walnuts,

green leafy vegitables

Not good fiber
munigakada toppe this is hard fiber cannot digest if you eat

What to eat to get fiber
eat lot of curry with veggies with less ruchulu(salt, mirchi, masala, etc)
fruits with seeds
grains sprouted ones has lot of vitamins
Bad foods - with no fiber at all
meat has no fiber, milk, eggs, yogurt, fish, butter, ghee has no fiber at all

All meat products have no fiber so people who eat a lot of this has constipation

bread cake jam biscuits choclates cool drinks ice cream noodles fast food maida products(refined wheat flour)

rice, bombay rava, maida flour
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