If constipation, doctor gives medicines either homeopathy or allopathy
Medicines help the intestines to contract and relax and overtime(if used for years) it strains the intestines.
Taking Medicines overtime
taking medicines overtime the dose needs to increase as the intestines loose the ability to contraction and expansion
reduce resistance and the body will get used to medicines and without it cannot excrete
also causes vitamin deficiency
big side effect: intestines good germs that help protect the intestines lacto basiclus acidofilus also gets flushed away some medicines help flush the stools away

Ayuvedam use natural laxatives that has fiber. This medication has fiber in it that pushes stools and helps in relieve constipation
these medicines when taken swell or bloat up inside and break down to sweep the intestines
This is temporary and MSR recommends natural fibers
People who try to remove constipation
sometimes if we start eating healthy fruits and veggies fresh stools produced but if you are already constipated the stools in the intestines are blocking
Medicines - dehydrate body
If we take medicines it will remove water from blood and goes to intestines and breakdown the stools,,it will break only the middle horizontal colon that is medium hard, but cannot break down the hard one in the vertical last. So with medicines we can remove only some stools. If you take medicines for 3 - 4 days person can go into coma, so not good.
If taken motion tablets for 3 - 4 days it is bad because person becomes dehydrated and electrolytes reduces in the body. So medicines is temporary relief

Amudam: 3 or 4 oclock morning drinking aragidadu 1/2 ginna amudam put on stove heat pongicchi then warm add ginger and dhaniya rasam (heat and warm it) and drink. It is very sticky so stomach and intestines cannot digest so water is removed from blood to go to intestines in an hour go to stools 4 or 5 times and get dehydrated. As water from blood goes to intestines person gets dehydrated and looses electrolytes. If you do once you can remove constipation once.
Cannot do amudam for 5 - 6 months. So amudam is also temporary relief

SSI salt water drinking, we think that intestines are getting cleaned but not true.
1 liter salt water warm water drink till stomach full. We have feeling of motions so people dont get vomit sensation
stomach does not absorb any water because salt water is like poison
since we dont vomit it is sent to intestines. The intestines also dont absorb and sends it or pushes stools.
So if u drink salt water 1 liter, 1 liter comes out
Temporary cleaning - medicines, amudam etc
MSR observations on his patients body
One person is heavy constipated so did anema but did not come out for 30 days, made him drink amudam, then salt water, all the salt water is just coming out but no stools. He knows that there are hard stools in the body. Tried different methods and then finally excreted 1 kg of stools and he fainted with neerasam.
Permanent cleaning
eat good fiber food
at home anima with warm water
hospital medicated anima or soap water
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