what we already learnt so far
malabaddakam nashtalu
how intestines gets strained
how to go 2 or 4 times a day
when you go to excrete it should be done in few seconds
food that reduce constipation
How to clean Intestines
No traffic jam, like flowing water pond, septic tank for the house
olden days drank Amudam early morining and considered going once a day also as constipation
olden days for constipation they did lankanam or upvasam even to first remove constipation
Inttestine cleaning - Anema
For people who even after drinking water are still no motion constipated and
for people who are constipated for 3 or 4 days
for people who are incomplete feeling
for people who have trouble going go for 30 mts or so or round hard balls
amebiosis, worms, gas trouble, vomiting sensations, indigestion that does not go away
any age people can do
medicines, aamudam, salt water, are temporary relief for people who still do are constipated
Hospital enema
use medicated at the hospital
Enima at home
aluminum box with water and pipe with nozzle
nozzle goes into rectum and put the aluminum tin high up so water goes into rectum and colon
warm water is used instead of hot water
soap water might cause abraisins to the colons
no side effects
No side effects with water enima at home
surgical shops sell this anima tins
water just goes up and loosens the stools and comes out
when to do enima
when stomach empty
early morning is good too
how to do enima at home
self in the bathroom
water in the tin
nozzle apply oil so it will go freely into rectum
sleep on the side with right hand on the head and put the nozzle with left hand
water enters the colon about 1/2 tin
take of the tube
go to stools to about 10 - 15 mts otherwise the water remains in the colon
if it does not come out press the stomach a little and try to go to stools
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