Animals go to stools in seconds and are done excreting quick dont wash with water without any gas smell or get infection
humans go for half hour forcebly etc.
MSR Test on how stools are coming
MSR did test on himself
did anima for 2 or 3 days so when put water only water came out that means no stools
breakfast ate carrot and tomato
digest in 3 - 4 hours digest and then went into intestines.
12 oclock got stools signals so drank water to go to motions
next ate green leafy veggies and at 4 oclock drank water to go stools. The stools was green color. No trace of red from breakfast
then ate a huge bappaya then went to stools after digesting
ate 3 times went 3 times

second day study with different foods same process
Intestines are hearing to us and excreting

MSR test on how stools produce gas
To test for gas MSR conducted another test to test how stools change color size etc when stopped stools
He stopped the stools for 2 days and heard sounds. next day morning went to stools like string changed stage and smell

MSR ate 4 times first day, next day ate 4 times did not go motions, 3rd day also stopped, then stools was very smelly and went as hard

How to make intestines listen to us to go to stools
If we put thought intestines signals to go to stools
Important: If stools are in the intestines if you drink water it puts pressure to the intestines and excretes
How drinking water makes us go to motions
When we drink water the water in the stomach puts weight or pressure on the intestines that lets intestines to go to stools.
Large intestines - last part
very last part of the intestines does not have stools
stools are filled in the vertical horizontal and vertical colon
Last part or portion of the vertical left does not have stools. If stool reach last part it signals to go to bathroom
How much water to drink in the morning to get motions
Some people go to stools right after getting up from bed
For people who do not get stools to get stools
If mouth smells brush teeth or wash with water and then drink water (warm water or regular water)1 liter in 2 or 3 times
Fill stomach that pushes the stools
women should drink liter and 1/4
Example - Water and Mind
Bus stops, then one man pushes it does not move, 2 or 3 people moves a little, if lot of people push it moves easily
It is like this for stools too drinking lot of water puts pressure and help get stools.

If we dont put mind even if we drink water it will not happen
It is like if lot of people are pushing bus but the bus driver has the foot on break
dont go stools if some pressure, go if only lot of pressure so done in few minutes
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