how much stools go out on first vidhata
when we get first vidatha or stools only the vertical decending colon intestines part stools(1/3 rd of total) gets excreted
if you want the horizontal and other vertical colon also to excrete we need second vidhata or stools
we go in installments
We are going in installments.
when last part of intestines are filled we have urge to go stools.
nowadays we go to bathroom without even getting the urge and then trying to go to stools. then the stools have to move to the last part to get the urge to go to stools.
how do we get the urge to go stools
last part of the colon near rectum is empty if stools collect we get the urge to go and excrete.
water and putting mind helps go to stools
water helps in pushing or helps in contacting and expansion of the stomach
putting mind also helps
olden days they used to put a chambu or pot to take water, that is like a reminder to go to stools and mind
they had to go only in the morning so they put mind to it as work and go once as a schedule
nowadays people have attached bathrooms and can go whenever. they read papers watch tv ect and have convinience and so dont have a regular schedule
example of what happens if stools stay longer
The longer the stool stays the bad it becomes.
Like curd when done it is sweet and nice then hours go along it becomes sour as baterial multiply
similar bacteria exists in stools too and this bad germs multiply so we should not store stools.
Second vidhata - 2nd trip to stools
going 2nd trip to stools, rendava vidhata is good as it emtpies the whole intestine.
This second trip the stools come out even more than the first one
why 2nd trip or Rendo vidhata necessary
Morning say got up intestines full, drank a liter of water, stomach is full puts the pressure on the intestines and you go to the bathroom.
First trip or first vidhata sukhavirochanam you empty only 1/3rd that is vertical right section
The middle and third portion dont go away. why can't we push and empty other half, that is not possible.
We have to drink another set of water to go to 2nd trip. People think that we went once it is done that is not true.
2nd set of water we drink gets into intestines in half hour,
only 2 virochanam emptys intestines completely
complete empty intestines
first virochanama
second virochanam
Dont drink water immediately after 1st trip stools
After first trip stools dont brush teeth as it may create vomit sensation.
Lets say 10 mts - first trip done, then do some other task like yoga walking dont brush teeth.
giving break 1 hour is important.
people during firt trip dont get stool even after drinking 1 liter water, drink 1 liter water again if they dont get stools. dont drink in like 15mts or 30 mts or so.
If you drink immediately then overload of water occurs and will go into blood and face becomes bloated like small canal overflow of water
2nd trip - water in stools
Our Culture is everytime we go stools we have to shower
2 trips is good to empty intestines completely
some people have some water in stools in 2nd trip. that is because if we drink enough or lot of water the extra water we drink pushes the stools and cannot digest so comes with it.
If we drink some little sips at a time all of it goes into blood, but if we drink lot at a same time we may find some water in stools.
According to MSR if we dont go 2 trip sukhavirochanam we dont have eligibility to eat breakfast as we are not excreting completely stools from the previous day
Ascending colon, transverse colon and decending colon
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