People feel like coming motions, but when go to bathroom and sit there, they dont excrete.
they get some stools then gas
they come out unsatisfied
For some people 2nd trip stools come with some water
some people dont get water with stools
If get water in stools or if not depends on how much water we drink and it is okay
if water in 2nd trip stools then stay for some more time
If you get water with stools then wait for sometime in bathroom as if we we have any remaining stools to go out as well. If you stay for sometime to go rest of it people may save another trip again to bathroom.
Cleaning Intestines - water with stools
If water is coming in 2nd stools trip that is very good as it is cleaning intestines.
For some people we drink water clean color and excretes smells like (fish washing smell-bad smell). this is arogya lakshanam. This is good to get bad smell at the last excretion because the rest of the dead cells that are remaining has a smell.
Before if constipated the smell mixed with stools so we think it is the stools smell and not the last stools dead cells smell.
2nd trip - last excretion
burugu burugu vastundi.
the air mixed with liq and water it happens this way.
if in morning we drink veg juice carrot tomato potla sora etc if we add beetroot. stomach digests and the waste in the intestines. 2 oclock or so stools collect in the intestines. That motion looks like dark red because of beetroot
stools has 10% matter that is without digestion. 70% gets digested. This 10% of the matter in stools if stays in intestines then it build bad germs and multiply if constipated
If completely digested that is not good.
example meat, egg, water has no fiber and gets digested totally. Then it is difficult to clean as no fiber in it.
stools if stay for long in intestines change color
while cooking in the pan cook for long time, the bottom food change color the top food stays the same but botton food chang color.
some people go to stools even if they dont drink water.
After first trip break 1 hour and do yoga exercise go for 2nd trip
If people think that they are getting too much water in 2nd trip stools then drink less
Later episodes will cover these
without drinking water how to go to stools like when traveling or during wedding time, party time.
how is 3rd virochanam techniques
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