• some people has kapham all through out the year year round kapham or 5 or 6 times a year etc ocational kapham
  • some people has inherited
  • some people have balls and teegalaga kapham
  • some people when eat sweets during functions and parties etc for 4 or 5 days - occational kapham
what to do
what to do:
  1. drink warm water cold water will not cut the kapham, while warm water will have ability to cut the kapham
    daily water drinking only warm or little hot
  2. vepapulla brush teeth. If done forcebly can vomit if drink water and brush
  3. warm water shower that clears or moves the kapham in the lungs and helps to move out of the body

  4. avoid sugars processed food like sugar, cool drinks choclates ice creams buscuits sweets etc.
  5. fasting with lemon and honey
what causes Khapham
sugar, cool drink cholcates chocklates biscuits

MSR has inherited so if he eats the above foods will get Khapham
fasting whole day is very helpful to fight infection and rests body organs like stomach
Fasting with warm water and warm water with lemon and juice. Morning drink water go to stools (twice) and start the fasting
  • drink warm water and honey and lemon juice
  • after hour dring warm water
  • next hour warm water and honey and lemon juice
  • after hour dring warm water
  • continue whole day
For peopl who cough a lot for days and weeks together
fasting is the best and the only way
as it fights infections
so fasting for 2 days and later 1/2 day lankanam will help
rests the organs like stomach and cleans the intestines etc
People who cough a lot for days together - fasting helps
cough syrup etc are temporary relief
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