Body Nirmanam or mechanism or design is when we load or eat something(water or food) the pressure will move stools in the intestines and do excretion
so we drink water and put mind to excrete twice 1 liter in between 1 hour gap for full 2 excretions
but some people say body got used to water and cannot go to excretion without water, is that good? MSR says it is definitely good
during travel functions etc we dont drink water so dont go stools
Technique to go stools without drinking water - Putting mind
Manasu pettadam
Let say we travel that day in bus, if we drink water and go then we will have to go bathroom everytime that is not convinient
Morning when get up dont go to bathroom or brush just drink water, put mind to intestines and getting stools. Puting mind will help stools move. Mind has that power
when person is tensed or thinking something else they dont get stools
dont talk to anyone dont do any work just think about excreting
go to stools
After motion half hour gap get ready etc, then this day 2nd round of water drinking is not possible so put mind to it
in another half hour 2nd stools go out, so intestines are totally cleaned
If we cannot drink any water at all a perticular day
sometimes we cannot have time to drink any water at all then drink water after you get up without going to bathroom or brushing
put mind to intestines
go to motions
drink 1/2 glass of water, eat breakfast a lot that puts pressure to go otherwise we dont get
12 oclock lunch puts pressure on the intestines. Think and put mind to during lunch time so after lunch go to bathroom stools
evening: go to motions 3rd time is good
morning breakfast and lunch reachers the left vertical and at 8 PM ready to get excreted in right vertical. When we eat dinner that pushes this stools out
Put mind to it helps in going to stools
After 6 PM dont drink water as you will feel like going bathroom till midnight
MSR every nigth goes to stools and shower and then sleeps
Without drinking water if person want to go to stools is by putting mind to it.
Constipated people
people who are constipated even if you drink lot water it may be difficult to excrete in the beginning
they have to try different things
It is like car wanting to go up a steep hill
so those people do enima
eating food during enima breakfast eat fruits, fiber boppai gamakaya kamalalu. etc dont eat idli dosas etc
lunch curry or vegitables with maggiganam
evening only fruits at 6 PM
after 6 PM dont eat anything
people who get sukhavirochanam feel very releaved and look at how much they went etc
dont do atiga or keep thinking of the same whole day
MSR says he has to study so did intensive research for the whole day as test
older people say that constipation is a big disease, so they put some customs, dinner at 6 and morning 9 eat food for kids, so mom says if they went to stools. It is wrong to eat if did not go to stools
what moms today are saying
nowadays moms say did you brush teeth instead of did you go to stools
they know that if you dong brush the germs go into stomach but dont know to say that storing stools has more germs
People are washing outside it is good to cleanse the body inside.
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