statistics show that more people (irrespective of age)who have sugar in blood are Andra people
sugar in blood has side effect
what to eat foods that keeps sugar in control
Sugar Levels or normal range
morning glucose 80 - 110
after food 2 hours or 1 45 mts : 120 - 160
people who have sugar should follow a certain diet
doctors also tell to take medicines and also follow diet as well

Food to take
important: food to take: fiber foods and protein food
Food to reduce
food to reduce: carbohydrates
Why increase fiber
For sugar parents glucose should not reach blood at one shot as their body does not have mechanism to control it
If you eat fiber it helps control sugar level in blood
fiber helps control blood sugar by stopping to go into blood and sends it slowly
If taken fiber take food in 4 or 5 hours is also good as it releases sugar slowly with fiber foods
doctors say to eat slowly for sugar patents if they dont eat fiber.
Fiber foods
fiber like skin of fruits seeds etc curries mudi rava mudi godhuma pomegrant with seeds
Why increase Protein
insulin is released by pancreas that controls blood sugar level
pancreas releases insulin
insulin production needs protien
glands needs protein to produce harmones
proteins also digest slowly so sugar does not increase suddenly
why reduce carbs
Carbohydrates digests and release sugar all at once so blodd sugar goes high so reduce these foods
Carbohydrate foods:
white rice idli bread ice sweets potato
Food Schedule
Continue diet and get Doctor check ups to reduce dosage
If taking this above schedule get regular check ups
medicines taking 5 or 6 or 7 days check up sugar
insulin takers check up every once in 4 days
doctors will check and then reduce dossage
continue the food habits and then get regular check up and reduce dosage this way
reduce salt and then after some time you dont need any medicines
morning get up and dink 1 liter water and go to bathroom for excretion
Then give a 1 hour break without water and do yoga jogging (that uses the blood sugar)etc then drink 1 liter water to go to second stools to excrete completely.

Breakfast 1 - vegitable juice
breakfast 1: drink veg juice potla sora beera keera tomato grind if carrot only some (avoid beetroom for sugar patients)
strain and and add 1 spoon honey some lemon
people drink tea without sugar, coffee without sugar. It only helps control sugar in blood but provide on nutritious to the body. veg juice good nutrients for the blood
give a break for sometime 30 minutes
Breakfast 2
Breakfast 2: sprouted beans,if still hungry then eat jamakaya danimma rakkaya
for people who take insulin injections first drink veggi juice and then after a break take insulin and eat cooked food not sprouted beans.
2 hours drink water till half hour before lunch

lunch: 3 or 4 pulka without oil, eat a lot of curry(cooked, raw is even better) with compulsory green leafy veggie, a cup of maggiga. if you cannot eat without salt add a little of water. Salt is closely related to diabetis
If you feel like rice eat once in 4 or 5 days
dont drink water during lunch just drink only to aid in digestion
2 hours after lunch keep drinking water

Snack about 5 PM
5 PM Snack: if hungry in evening dont eat biscuits and take fruits kamala battai danimma neredu rekkayalu

6 or 6:30 Dinner godhuma or jonna rotte(not pollished) 2 or 3 pulkas and lot of curries cooked, no or less salt (if you cannot eat). 1 cup maggiga
if you can the best is pulka raw curries 1 cup maggiga
second best is pulka lot of cooked currie 1 cup maggiga
At Night if hungry
After 2 hours if hungry drink water half glass, if sugar low for sugar patents drink water with 2 spoons honey and dont take any food
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