1) Lets Timmurlu Leg spasms?
more sugar in blood cause them to collect and then the contraction and expansions goes less. Then those people gets legs timmirlu that means blood is not flowing freely in that place.
people who do exercise etc this side effect is not shown as blood circulates in the are.
people who have sitting jobs
2) Leg foot without sense
2) Sparsha taggadam, Moodubardam leg foot reflex on food area or so dont feel anything
3) Foot Narala chirukulu potlu mantalu
4) dry skin
dry flaky lined skin since water in blood is going to urinate(diabetic patients have sugar in urine and so body tries to go urininate)
example: land without water is dry and cracked
Nashtalu - Causes
5) Skin diseases
skin conditions like allergies, daddurlu gullalu etc
skin covers the body and Blood does not circulate to the skin as it is farther from heart pumping and covers the body so diabetic people have lot of skin conditions or diseases
sugar in blood gets clogged in the arteries and obstucts blood flow
6)Healing power decreases
if got hurt pundu gayalu cut or skin chipps off their healing power reduces as the healing or resistance power reduces.
if doc has to operate they will tell the patients to control the sugar othewise they dont operate as operation involve cuting the body and body has to recupurate
7) Dental Problem
how much ever you clean the germs tries to multiply in mouth and since healing power is low gums become red and teeth loosen.
8) eye sight reduces
100 persons sugar all them 100 will have eye sight problem
eys have very very think nerves that even eye can see. if blood clots with excess sugar it effects eyes and then person looses eye sight. First they get eyesight then slowly mask and if sugar is not controlled 240 250 etc then they loose eyesight
9) Sex problem in men
organ nerves that are very small and blood does not flow and get effected
organ will grow when excited with the flow of blood and if nerves get blocked with sugar blood does not flow easily then blood supply gets reduced and then the organ looses its erection and loosens.
controlling diet and controlling sugar will restore the sex problem
sometimes they have pundu on the organ and burst or crack, when they go to doc they as if you have sugar
10) cholesterol problem increase
blood has sugar but it is not going into cell so the body does not have energy, so the body burns body fat and during this process the cholesterol from body travel through blood so that the lining of the arteries walls clogged and hard and the liver to break down cholesterol, then cholesterol production from liver increases and so sugar patients have uncontrolled cholesterol
11) Heart disease risk more
80% sugar patients get heart diseases
cholesterol increases due to sugar and BP also raises
sugar and BP as people say link each other
if sugar problem people if they get heart attach once they damage their nerves and if they get heartattack again they dont get the sensation or pain as the nerves get damaged. 12) Kidney damage kidney supply nerves damage so it damages kidney and filteration of blood effected.
blood will uria, uric acid and creatin is found
out of 100 patients 40 are getting kidney damage risk
Sugar effects all organs of the body not just pancrease has insufficient insulin or just that organ is getting effected
It is like chaapakinda water, we dont know if water is there till it wet our cloths. Similary we dont know sugar until it effects.
If sugar is kept in control then people can live without kidney damage for 30 pathika years
if people with sugar 200 or more if left alone cause kidney damage in 5 years.
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