This food habits is not just for sugar patients but also for non sugar patients to not get in the future
animals dont have except humans is due to eating processed food over a period of time. Control sugar the pancreas produce more insullin and over time just gives up causing sugar
example we have motor bike and we want good quality gasoline so we travel far to get a quality one. similary body is also has to be taken care of.
nowadays eating good food has become less habit and eating bad has become a daily routine
humans and animals food
each animal has a certain kind of food as its mechanism is built.
For humans they are eating everything that is not good.
tortoise is living 400 and all 400 years it is producing pancreas as it is eating its own food.
elephants dont have sugar or diabetis as it is eating its own food.
humans are not designed to eat meat but they are eating
They are drying frying mixing and pulisi etc and eating.
what food is good for the body
If you eat fruits it very quickly digests in 2 hours stomach is very hungry.
like hot rice ghee and new avakaya you like it a lot so eat very quickly. We like it our tounge like it. Our body cells likes fruits veggies sprouted beans

you eat baggies pulav kurma ice cream and tongue likes it after which other organs digest with hardship as their duty. If you eat the same overtime then most of the cell have some problem
Only indian have sugar compared to other countries as rice is out staple main food
Other countries sugar is not as much but it exists because they eat processed food, drinks etc and they also eat salads, juices etc
People in village they work hard so such kind of carbs is okay
At least 50% raw food is good that help person not get diabetis.
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