Diabetis Mellitus or sugar vyadhi or Madhumeah
Food digests in stomach and produces glucose or sugar and reaches blood and then travel through blood throughtout the body and reaches the cells.
if glucose or sugar reach each cell the cell has doors or receptors
if recoptors or doors has to open we need key that is insulin
insulin also travels in the blood along with glucose and helps open the doors of the cells for glucose to go in and convert into energy.
If blood
Difference btw healthy and diabetic patients
  •  Normal people:food glucose in blood is same for normal people to the glucose that goes into cells
  • for diabetic people blood glucose goes only less into cell to be converted to energy 
Normal Levels

fasting glucose or fasting blood sugar level is 80 - 110 mg/dl is normal (drinking water during fasting is fine but no tea coffee, juice or any breakfast)

After tiffin or lunch 1 hour to 2 hours btw sugar 120 - 160 mg/dl is normal

Borderline sugar
fasting 110 - 120
after lunch 170 - 180
example: person reached gate and later it might pass off the gate
Diabetic level
Diabetic sugar levels
fasting 120 - 160
after 2 hours lunch 180+
carborator controls how much oil to go into motorcycle. If too less or too much does not let motorcycle drive.
for some people sugar from blood goes correctly regulator works fine if does not go in then remains in blood(example petrol there but des not go in and overflows)
GTT - Glucose Tolerence Test

Patients if glucose high doc ask them to check again both fasting and 2 hour after
some people have borderline sugar or little high to confirm they do

GTT glucose tolerence test: fasting glusoce test

  • blood test and
  • urine test

75 grm glucose in water drink
1 hour test
2 hour test
Even if you drink so much glucose the result should be in a certain range of only 120 - 160  mg/Dl

Once diabetic always diabetic
Once diabetic always diabetic ( amboti pirraku stamp kodataru that does not go away, that means that this yedduku dont tie or bandikattakudadu)
3 Type of Diabetics
3 kinds of sugar
1)type 1 diabetis: new born to 22 year people who get diabetics
2)type 2 diabetis: 22 years and after if people get diabetic
3) gestational diabetis: in pregnant women
Tests for Diabetis
Tests done:
GTT(Glucose tolerence test) and urine test
if blood test show diabetic take medicine compulsary and food habits change
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