337 Sugar Vyadhi Unna Vala - Exercises
body function - energy

body to function (walk work etc) needs energy (indhanam) formed from food

food we eat gets digested in stomach and intestines to form glucose in the blood 

glucose powder (ready form available) does not need to get digested and reach directly into blood.


benefit of exercise

If you exercise the sugar or glucose level reduces 

  • if you dont exercise sit then 1 hour burn 100 calories or 120 calories, if you 
  • sleep 1 hour burn 60 calories
  • walking 200 - 300 calories per hour
  • running 600 calories are burnt 

work needs energy, food we eat converted to sugar, the cells take in sugar and produces energy if we exercise

If we dont exercise cells dont produce energy

Example: for industry or office need current. Power project produces current and need coal or some water or some use gas to produce current. So as you exercise the body the cells produce more energy that is in the sugar in the blood 

To control sugar regular exercise is the good as it maintains the sugar level in the blood

If you dont exercise the sugar remains in the blood and people get diabetis

To have sugar level to be normal regular exericse every day. 

Normal sugar levels: 

fasting blood level 80 - 110 

after food 2 hours 120 - 160 

Every day people should do 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening every day, if not walking is very good For every hour of walking they loose about 250 - 300 calories. The body uses all the sugar in the blood.

Exercise - sugar used up - eat food - sugar produces in blood - exercise , this is a balance of energy

Example: well water as we take out water fresh water keeps coming from underground



sugar diseases side effects greatly reduced by doing 1 hour pranayamam and 1 hour evening walk every day

suggested exercise:

1 hour of pranayamam 1 hour evening walk

This way sugar side effects are greatly reduced

side effects of not exercising for sugar patients

For diabetic patients if sugar in blood is more and not maintained then the blood vessels gets sugar deposits and they harden and then their nomal activity of movement is impared and blood flow is obstructed and causes 

  • timmirlu 
  • nerves pain
  • nerves numb
  • sex problems 

By regular exercise moving all the parts of the body, the blood sugar level will maintain well automatically.

Exercise helps the nerves to loosen up and let the blood flow easily and perform body functions.

Every day exercise can control sugar disease side effects

example: how moving a part of the body blood flows and cells remain healthy

If you move your right hand, then for the movement the hand need more energy and need more air  sugar and water. So body tries to send more of air water sugar through blood and blood flows. That part blood flows and cells reach energy and remains healthy.

For sugar patients, If body uses sugar then body does not need to burn fat. If they need to body to burn fat then cholesterol goes into blood and travel as triglycerides and causes heart problem.

If a person has sugar and then heart problem most people die of this. If you exercise cholesterol and triglycerides are maintained




If you do asanas then pancrease are stimulated and help it work efficiently 

  • Ushtrasan
  • Vakrasan 
  • ArdhaMatrendrasan


Pranayamam and walking
  • Kapalbhati ( 15 - 20 minutes) every day
  • walking before or after dinner 


Daily exercise Routine

daily do the following

  • 45 minutes asanas
  • 15 minutes pranayamam
  • 60 minutes evening walk (before or after dinner)

Daily 2 hours of exercise is very good that helps sugar patients remove the side effects of sugar diseases and for other people remove the chance of getting diabetes

If you take 3 sugar tablets per day, daily exercise help in reducing to 2 tab per day.


Diabetic vs Normal Patients: digestion is the same but cells function differ


Diabetic or sugar patient 

Digestion in stomach and intestines is same for normal and diabetic patients, but once it reaches the blood for some reason the cells dont get energy it is diabetis

glucose remains in the blood in diabetic patients

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