Processed Food
For type 2 diabetics we have about 10 reasons: From which one of them is Ice creams choclates cold drinks buiskits cake jam bakery products noodles fast foods
they are chemically processed to stay longer
Top 10 cause for type 2 diabetis
1) Insufficient insulin
2) insulin has cells that are dead
3) Receptor of the cells not good
4) certain type of steroids
5) certain kinds of virus germs
6) obesity
7) age -- old age
8) heriditary
9) Processed food
10) stress
Why people are eating processed food
Nowaday every one is earning and even villages are richer so lot of tasty food available simple easy tasty so everyone is eating processed foods.
ice cream has 1/2 white sugar or white poison
busicuts and choclates also has lot of sugar
Two functions of insulin:
1)as key to help glucose from blood into cells,
2)more sugar converted to fat

Processed foods are in simple form so easily digested and goes into the blood directly or quickly thus causing lot of sugar in blood.
If  person exercise or do hard work it gets used up but people are not exercising enough to use up.
If there is lot of sugar insulin produces more and converts to fat and stores in the body as fat. so insulin is used more to store up the fat. For regular people without sugar this is balanced and person put on weight.

cool drinks contain
cool drinks making involve coloring agent chemicals, caffine (that is found in coffee), direct sugars, preservatives, sunlight protection, carbon dioxide gas, bicarbonates so when you open the bicarbonates come out, powerful strong acids.
people are drinking for taste and kick for the body. they digest very fast and go into blood directly and there is not control mechanism
Processed food contains
ice cream & choclates
ice creams has 1/2 of it sugar that digests quickly and go into blood directly

choclates also has lot of sugar

teeth only cannot handle how are people eating these things
Think how much insulin is being produced by the body
olden days they used to eat once in a while for 10 paisa etc nowadays we get and store in fridge and eat when ever you want
How a person becomes diabetic, what triggers it

Pancrease when we are young produces not normal 40 but 60 units of insulin. but if we continue that way then pancrease gives up and person looses contol and person becomes diabetic.

For diabetic people the mechanism is not in control so if they eat more sugar insulin in not produce and more sugar is in blood.
If we eat that food once a while or parties that is okay but regular eating the pancreas gives up

carbonated drinks are bad - example

example: pot of water we used 1/2 pot to drink and lets say we went to trip and come after 10 days there is no other water do you still use the same water kept for 10 days? we dont drink because it is stored for long time. But how about processed food which are kept for more than days. The foods used germs killing agents or pesticides etc to keep them safe

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