There is no medicines to take to not get diabetis
Sugar vyadhi Rahasyalu curriculum
sugar vyadi raakudadante topic
If non sugar patients take sugar medicines with tiffin lunch dinner etc sugar level go low and people can go to coma
Andra pradesh has more diabetic patients and 24 year old people are getting sugar
Rajasthan has less diabetic as they eat roti first and then little rice, andra people other way round
1) dont eat white rice
MSR says that he has control of body and that he knows that he will not get diabetic. he says to follow simple 3 steps:
1) dont eat white rice and eat rotis:
white rice is like white poison so ban it
white rice is direct sugar that converts into sugar in blood.
Mudibiyyam anna has fiber around that takes a while to digest so releases sugar slowly.
so avoid polished products white: rice rava, maida
If you are hard worker then only eat rice at afternoon. If you are working at office then eat rotte + curry and rice 30 or 40 %
evening dont eat rice at night. when people get married at age 25 or so stop eating rice at night
stop cooking rice at night only at night and even in lunch limit rice

MSR says it is proven that white rice is not good
3 things to follow to avoid sugar Vyadhi
2) eat lot of curries
2)curries eat lot as much as two hand fulls, if you think it is lot it is not true, people will not get cholesterol or belly fat etc. Spend money on veggies than on medicines later.
veggies give lot of nutrients
has less fat, less cholesterol, less belly fat, no sugar, no weight put on
dont need variety but eat one kind and a lot of it, without oil without salt without masalas
If you cannot eat without first try reducing it
green leafy veggies is a must too, with channal dal and moong dal
sambar rasam pulusulu are to be cooked occationally for functions or parties
3) Morning breakfast - Sprouted beens
you will get insulin till life time, resistance increases, gives nutritious body.
3 kids of sprouted beans, drink morning veg juice,
pancrease needs good proteins so the gland can produce harmones insulin, and sprouted beans provide very good nutrition. If you want eat idli dosa vada ice cream buiscuts occationally
Mon - Fri eat sprouted beans and sat sun eat what every you please then it is good for the body
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