345 Sugar Unna vaariki Lunch-------
lunch for pre diabetic or diabetic patients

we know that sugar is bad for sugar patients but we dont know that white flour or processed food is the main cause like rice, rice four etc



sprouted beans

dont drink water while eating sprouts. Gas problem is due to not chewing properly. dont drink water for 2 hours

lunch : dont eat rice eat pulka made with mixed grain leafy veggie methi

2 hours after breakfast drink water 1 liter 4 glasses every 15 minutes 1 glass. This water is used to produce stomach juices. 

before lunch 30 minutes dont drink any more water. 

lunch:  dont eat rice, eat pulkas made with mixed grain 

mix 1 kg of sojjalu ragulu jonna soya 1 kg wheat make powder (jallada pattavaddu) and make pulkas

add menthi leaves lot of it big hand full to pulka (very good for sugar patients)  dont need any oil or salt

menthi seeds is very good for sugar patients. sugar patients should not eat food that digest quickly. 


lunch : eat lot of curry - 1/2 kg veggies or curry

sugar patients should eat lot of curry.

green leafy veggie curry

mixed veggies curry: potla sora beera carrot etc donda benda cabbage 

MSR says while cooking if any one who can control tongue and eat what body needs they can have good health

avoid salt completely 

for people who cannot completely eliminate then reduce oil an salt to very little

Lunch: avoid salt and oil

if you cannot avoid then eat very very little 

Dont reduce eating for diabetis, avoid rice, less carb, more protein, lot of veggies

eat healthy: lot of veggies 75% of food you eat 2 or 3 curries, 2 or 3 pulka  (less carb) more protein. Eat slowly chew properly so no gas trouble. eat 1 big spoon yogurt or 1 cup maggiga.

eating 1 cup yogurt will bloat the stomach so dont dring too much of yogurt or maggiga which has lot of water content.


eating habits for sugar patients


people who has sugar a lot they should completly avoid or dont eat rice not even perugu rice.

people who needs more energy heavy worker they should eat mudu biyyam that has good nutrition and is released slowly and helps body get energy not suddenly but long time

people who has less sugar diseases who take just 1 tablet etc. they should eat 2 oe 3 pulkas, green leafy vegg, kandi pappu pesara pappu, 1 small mudda peraganam.

people who has inheritance diseases and dont want to get those people should eat 1 or 2 pulka, eat lot of curries, eat rice under control. eat mudubiyam annam. Reduce eating rice.   

If you keep rice away you will keep diabetis away.

you may sleep after lunch that is fine, or walk a while that is fine.


Dont eat fruits, salad or sprouts with lunch food(pulka curry)


dont eat sprouts with lunch food.

dont eat fruits with lunch food.

dont each salad(carrot keera cucumber) with lunch food. 

dont mix cooked food with fresh or sprouts as their digestive time and enzymes needed is different.

If people who want to completely eliminate diabetis then stop salt and oil. 

methi seeds is very good for diabetic patients
  • soak methi and eat
  • put in pulkas
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