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sugar patients have to eat often every once in 2 hours little at a time

It is known fact that, All sugar patients have to eat often, every 2 hours.

sugar patients have to eat often, less at a time

doctors give a timetable, pre breakfast, breakfast, pre lunch, lunch, pre snack, pre dinner and dinner

The reason is if sugar patients eat lot of rice or lot of idlis the cabs will converted to sugar and goes into blood all at once and sugar level increases in blood and since sugar patients pancrease cannot control the sugar, it is not good for the body, so doc recommend eating less at a time and often.


with MSR diet dont have to eat many times
  • If you follow MSR natural nutritious diet then you dont have to eat many times as doctor says, you dont even have to eat less too, as MSR food has lot of veggies and no carbs so sugar level will not increase in blood.
  • Morning veg juice  (for sugar patients people say juices are not good at all) but veggies is good it has low calories and more nutrition. veg juice digests quickly but has low calories and it improves digestion and prepares stomach for lunch
sprouted beans
  • has lot of proteins
  • sprouted beans also digests in steps so good for diabetic patients
MSR says it is not needed to eat often and less if eating good food habits

people feel frustuated eating less, stomach asks for more but feel scared that blood sugar level increases

they eat 1 or 2 idlis and still have hunger not satisfied

with MSR food habits eat full with right foods vegies pulkas et

lunch: eating has pulkas with menthi and curry with skin digests slowly and releases enery slowly maintaining blood sugar level with fiber.

These foods even though they digest quickly they are released slowly into the blood.

eat foods that releases energy slowly into blood


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