Diabetis is metabolic disorder
Diabetis is metabolic disorder
doctors are telling what to do when people are getting diabetis
white rice is like white poison
avoid ghee
avoid sugar in coffee
doctors have to tell the patients before getting sugar
Body needs
1) air
2) water
4) exercise
5) excretion
6) rest
7)good thoughts
good health or arogyam is related to all 7 above. for animals it is only top 6.
1) air - to get good air
do pranayamam so each cell will get lot of air
if you work hard labor dont need pranayamam if we have sitting job need pranayamam

3) water
good water:
we are dinking only so much so we go that much urine as we are working and dont want to go bathroom often
we should drink 4 to 5 liters of water
body needs 3/4 water and 1/4 food and we are doing the other way round
foods tha increase water content in body are
food medicines or pesticides in fruits and veggies
processed foods(icecreams, choclates, biscuites etc)
daily water schedule
1 - 5 years : 1 - 1 1/2 liters
5 - 10 yrs: 2-3 lliters
10 - 19: 3 -4 liters
20 - 60 : 5 liters

early morning 1 liter stools then 1 hour break with yoga drink 1 lliter 2nd stools
drink till 1/2 hour before lunch
dont drink during lunch after digesting 2 hours drink; keep drinking till 1/2 hour before dinner
dinner no water
at night about 1/2 glass or so otherwise we will go to bathroom at night.
3) Food
cooked food is not good
we are doing 2 things wrong
1) cooking
2) polished or refine food
mudi sarukulu mudi biyyam has lot of nutriients
fruits vegg sprouted beans
50% eat raw
if you put salt oil masala and pulusu, then people are getting lot of diseases
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