Sugar vyadhi Rahasyalu Topic
car - gasoline
stove - gas
cells organs body
body has crores of cells
microscopic and cannot be visible to ey
needle tip has about 30,000 cells
1 cell animal ameba
125 trillion cells combine to form body
1 trillion is 1 lakh crores
if cells combine to form size of a kidney it forms a kidney organ and performs a specific task
organs combine to form body
cell function
to function cell needs: air water and food
cell digests food with air and water and produce strength or engergy that the whole body takes to live
if cell stop functioning the body is dead
example how generator develop current cell produces energy
air cells are also very small too they also go in as we breath and then reach blood and reach cells
water cells are also very small not visible to eye and reach blood and then cells
when we drink water it does not have to digest in stomach and reach cells

food we eat are visible to eye and we digest by digestive system: mouth, stomach and intestines so cells can take it.
food is converted to glucose
food is coverted to glucose/sugar without any big pieces it is very liquid so cells can take it. glucose water/powder is also in the already digested form so it releases into blood directly to go into cells for energy.
when people have fever we give glucose as the stomach cannot digest glucose is already digested form
food we eat needs abot 4 - 5hours to digest
we need to eat to get energy
Body maintains sugar level. If sometimes people eat 1/2 kg or so sweets and if you test sugar level it is normal
if women fast for 2 or 3 days their sugar level is also normal
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