Once a person gets sugar it stays for lifelong, medicines only reduces but don

Known fact that: once sugar diseases then it wont go away during life time and person needs to take medicines all life long

There are medicines to reduce but not completly eliminate.

How to reduce medicines:

medicines help sugar patients maintain sugar level very well. Ayurvedam first found sugar diseases. Then  unani etc. 

People are maintaining sugar by 

  • 90% english medicine - Allopathy
  • 10% use homeo ayurvedam unani natural prakruti vidhanam

Allopathy medicines effects very fast compared to other homeo or ayurvedam, the allopathy medicine will take effect in half hour or 1 hour of taking tablet. Natural method is very slow and needs to change living style.


Diabetics is metabolic disorder

Diabetis is metabolic disorder, that means that the disorder of living style.

Some people who take allopathy suddenly stop it and start natural living style method (prakruthi vydya vidhanam) in 2 or  3 days sugar goes high to 400 or so.

Some people who start natural methods eat less. It is still not good to have low sugar with eating less, body does not get enough nutrients.


have good eating habits and good exercise and gradually reduce medicines

Don't suddenly stop diabetic medication and start natural methods

gradually reduce medicines via following natural diet and exercise methods and under doctors supervision via blood tests.

First start good eating habits and good exercise program, check the levels with doctor and then reduce medicines.

Method to follow to reduce medicines for people taking insulin

hot to reduce medicines for Insulin taking persons:

once in every 3 or 4 days do a post lunch test (not just urine test but blood test values)  

eat healthy and reduce sugar levels

doctors sometime feel that patients eat less to maintain sugar level that is not good as body will not get enough nutrition

Method to follow to reduce medicines for people taking diabetic tablet

For people taking tablets

Once in every 6 or 7 days take blood test and show doctor and then reduce medicine dosage

Normal Blood levels
  • fasting sugar level 80 -90
  • after lunch 2 hours level 120 - 130 


Good way to reduce tablet dosage is by following normal methods and slowly

If you stricly follow the diet and exercise blood sugar level maintain well

If you go to doc the doctor still gives 1/2 tablet or so just to make sure that the level are good as they think that once you get sugar then lifetime sugar

Reduce sugar levels via normal methods slowly 


Things to do
  • avoid salt and oil
  • eat good nutritious food 
  • dont eat less to have less sugar level
  • dont eat for ruchi or follow the tongue or taste but eat foods that body needs
  • exercise 
  • with good habits reduce tablet dosage according to doctors blood test reports.
Pre diabetics take mentulu everyday to avoid diabetis

from hello doctor episode:

menthulu dry fr and make powder

small spoon in warm water add and drink every day to make body free of toxins and remove coming of diabetis

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