white poisons list that causes sugar in people

These items below increases sugar level in blood

  1. salt
  2. sugar
  3. white rice
  4. white rava and white flour
  5. milk 

We usually dont talk or say milk and kids drink it daily to grow etc. 

salt is the major cause and will cover in another section

will cover here: white rice white rava white flour : 


Body needs the following


body needs

  1. carbohydrates 
  2. proteins
  3. fats
  4. vitamins
  5. minerals
  6. enzymes
  7. fiber

some foods have some of the above and some dont etc

some have 6 of the above and not the 7th etc

We need more of carbohydrates, then comes protein, fat even less, fiber even more less quantity, vitamins minerals even less and  enzymes we need in micro grams

IF you eat fresh food that are available in nature all the above are in right form and right nutrients. Our societ developed and we are taking grains and polishing the grains and using. 

brown rice, white rice

rice usually comes with the outer hard skin. In previous days they beat it to take the skin out. This rice looks kind of brown with nutrients

For the looks, rice mills take the extra layer out and polish to store and sell.

brown rice has less shell life as it is prone to germs.

white rice is less prone to germs. MSR says, Germs know that white rice has no nutrients so it wont eat. That kind of rice people are eating daily making rava making dosas idlis attlu etc 

mudu biyyam

mudu biyyam has everything all nutrients.

by polishing rice we are loosing nutrients

outer cover has fiber, b-complex vitamins, proteins, fats, anti cholesterol and anti cancer

1st polish we loose 50% then second polish we loose another 25%. 

now the white rice that we get has only 25% that is only carbohydrates and no nutrients.

no trees in the nature gives us only carbohydrates only, nature gives us in pure form with nutrients and then people are polishing and loosing nutrients

polishing and refining - looses nutrients

marketing companies polish to make rice look white and nice and sell


white poisons and diabetics

These are pure white poisons as everyone is eating it and is causing bad to body

since it is pure carbohydrates easily digested in 2 to 3 hours and produces sugar in blood quickly. Lot of sugar is released in the blood

blood sugar should not go over 110 and after food between 120 - 150 and should not go over 160

pancreas produce more insulin to maintain the level. If you are hard worker this sugar is burnt, but if you sit and work pancreas has to produce more insulin. Over a period of time pancreas give up and the person gets diabetics.

If you eat mudu biyyam it has fiber and other nutrients and takes long to digest so slow digestion slow release of sugar and is bunt by body slowly as we work.


fiber in mudu biyyam helps in slow digestion slow release of sugar in blood

Fiber in mudu biyyam helps slow digestion and slowly reaches intestines and slowly released in blood helps maintain bloood sugar levels

cake is made with maida that is also digested quickly and sugar releases quicky in blood


rain is falling very heavy then soil (isuka) will take in water very quickly. Black mud only soaks very slowly some at a time. 



Try and buy only mudibiyyam

if the mudubiyyam is available ome far place people should drive and get it

If not ask the store guy to bring it. If all the people in the society are requesting then shops will  definietly stock them.

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