Dinner - eat at 6 PM if following MSR diet for sugar patients

If you eat lunch at 1 PM, dont drink water during lunch. After dinner 2 hours later drink water. Sugar patients have bathroom problem. Urin wakes them up and dont get enough sleep. If sugar patients want good sleep drink water btw 3 - 5 Pm and dont drik at night.

3 - 5 PM drink 1 liter water. This water turned urin comes till 9 PM so you dont need to go to bathroom at night time. 

for snacks eating biscuts, baggis, samosa, cutlet, pakodi etc have no nutrition and are not good as snacks. They are just good for taste but dont provide nutrition so eat only once in a while.

.People think that sugar patients should not drink coconut juice. Only fresh coconut water is good with nutrients, but old or mature coconut water is not good.

Instead of coffee and tea drink coconut juice that gives lot of nutrients. If coconut is not available eat fruits danimma, battai, rekkaya, 

sugar patients dont drink fruit juices instead eat fruits as it is as it has fiber

sugarcane juice, coconut juice (fresh coconut only) or fruits is also good

eat dinner before sunset 6 PM. If you follow MSR diet then there wont be problem with sugar tiredness etc otherwise eating other foods and eating early then at night will cause tiredness

By eating early Pancrease  rest 12 hours and then its efficientcy increases. If you eat till 12 PM at night pancreas has to produce insulin over the night as well and overwork. 



For people who dont have sugar - medicines dont help not get diabetis

sugar medicnes and sugar doctors dont help people who are not diabetic. 

Medicines dont help person not get diabetis but good habits can help.


Is the most important and is the factor for people to get sugar in people.

Nowadays people are eating dinner a lot. 

people get sugar if they eat till late night 12 PM or so

eating late night pancreas dont rest and overwork

Sugar patients with moderate or controlled sugar level


For people who has diabetic under control with medicines follow this diet:

pulkas: wheat flour and or 3 other grains + menthi leaves, eat only one kind of cooked curry only

dont eat green leafy veggies or different kind of veggies at night

one kind of veggie curry with skin eat a lot 1/2 kg per head, dont use oil and salt, 

80 % full dont eat 100% full

dont eat rice at all.(for sugar patients it is good not to eat rice and for prediabetic also dont get diabetic)

eat yogurt a little


sugar patients eat food that release energy slowly into the blood


People with high sugar eat 2 -3 pulkas, fresh salad (no cooked curry) and 1 spoon yogurt

For people whos sugar level is high dont eat cooked food eating fresh veggies is very good  

potla, sora, beera, dosa, kheera dosa, carrot, tomato, boodida gummadi, beetroot 

grate all of these + onions + green chillies + curry leaves + coriender + lemon juice + mango juice 


No maggiga, no cooked veggie curry, no rice

eat: 2 or 3 pulka, fresh salad, yogurt (1 big spoon)

Veggies have fiber so it releases energy slowly into the blook so liver balances and pancreas dont need to control sugar level.

People are eating and then to control sugar level taking medicines to control it.


dinner just eat fruits is also good

eating only fruits early at 6 PM, people dont get diabetis

the sugar in fruits is good and does not cause diabetis


sugar patients need to eat every 2 hours then how will MSR breakfast, lunch and dinner work?

If sugar patients eat only few tiimes a day they might get fainted.

see next episode of how many times should sugar patients should eat

sugar patients should not do
  • should not eat rice
  • should not eat after 6 PM 
  • should not drink fruit juices instead eat fruit (dinner with just fruits is also good)
  • avoid oil and salt
  • avoid polished white rice, white flours
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