Neetito Chikitsalu
we learnt how much water to drink and what time to drink etc so far
water has treating abilities
when water is not enough for land it shows cracked up
lot of people are not using water and using other kinds of medicines etc to treat
1) Skin smells - Shriram durvasanam
lot of people smell from body, urine stools sweat mouth etc smell
after coming from bathroom they put finile etc or purfumes on body mouth smell eat vakkapodi etc
even if we do all of the above it smell comes back
if body is smelling inside it will smell to outside
drink 4 or 5 liters of water
90% of the bad germs in the body is the build up from the one inside and not that we are eating from outside which is just 10% bad
remedy: to make our inside body clean that is with water only
if we have intestines clean urine or sweat or if intestines clean then mouth does not smell.
Lets see what happens when water is low and when water content is high example: we clean house with water if we put only some water then the it becomes sticky and goes out and sticks to ground.
when we put lot of water it flushes the bad stuff out and goes out quickly and cleanly
People who smell their body is building bad germs inside. Even if you go to stools there should not be any smell.

2 segments of drinking water
2 segments of drinking water: first half and second half
second half 2 2/1 liter does not clean the blood it is used to cool the body form heat, takes care of the needs of the body etc
first half of the drinking only cleans the body or cleans the body. People say tonics coconut juice fruit juice sugarcane juice honey fruits etc cleans the blood, that is not true
only 2 things clean the body or the blood: water and air
2) stomach burn - Kadupulo mantalu

we think that if we eat hot or spicy food citrus foods or pulusu that is wrong. If you use pulus a very lot then you may get

1) if you drink less water it causes stomach burn as stomach lining jiguru produces less mouth also does not produce saliva etc
2) drinking water during eating food
if you drink water with food then it dilutes HCL acid and digestion takes long. The concentrated acid digests food faster then diluted acid.
if we drink water it diultes acid so digestion is slow so produce more HCL to digest and more HCL acid(along with dilute acid) cause stomach burn
3) coffee tea drinking people: has stimulant, sideeffects is produces glowblood cells that reduces the stomach jiguru.
4) pain killers takers stomach lining gets effected
5) angry people

avoid coffee tea
Warm water
how to drink water: dont drink water while lunch or dinner or after washing hand after dinner, drink after two hours of digestion so it washes the lining of the stomach after digestion.
so even if you eat hot spicy food stomach does not have burns with this techique
If you want home medicine then take warm water + honey drink becomes like antacid(anti acid) that helps in subsiding stomach burns
emergency: go to doctor or take medicines

3) Vomiting sensation - Vikaram
some people have this sensation
early morning when wake up kadupu tippadam
after scratching tongue
food poison
not like food and eat forcebly
after eating travel via car or bus
mountain climb tirupati hill etc

people feel: stomach revolves, headache not feel good during this condition and feels that if vomit then they feel good
Only if they vomit this kind of sensation does not go

REMEDY: To let the body automatically vomit, take water that is available(2 liters warm water or what ever water dont worry if good or bad) take in large quantity. 2 liters water drink at one shot continuosly that vomits
2) If still does not vomit then put fingers into deep tongue and scratch

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