8) Feet spasms - Timirlu taggalente
sugar patients have leg spasms (kalla timurlu) side effects
sugar gets clogged in blood nerves and circulation stops to get spasm
obese people gets spasm, so they need to move
feet water filled and get spasms
if blood less for people they get spasm

Hot and Cold foot bath for 25 to 30 mts
take 2 tubs one with hot water and one with cold water, put feet in warm water 5 minutes, then put feet in cold water 2 minutes, put in hot water 5 minutes 2 minutes cold water so on .......for a few times.
warm water helps blood nerves to expand vasodialation
cold water helps blood rushing to the feet soaked in cold water
no addiction no side effects
9) Sun stroke - Vadadebba
sun stroke vadadebba can cause death in few people
In summer times when it is hot water will help the body
If water is less in the body then water does not reach brain and BP raises and people get sunstroke

Take enough water
when to drink is important
if you drink water during lunch or immediately after lunch or 1/2 hour after lunch just goes into digesting and not to the body
This water drank during lunch, will not help the water reach the body and help from sun stoke

drink water on empty stomach.
if you drink water on empty stomach water will go to cells directly
if thirsty you have water in well so you take it immediately.
but if there is no well it is hard or takes lot of time to dig and make a well and drink.
similarly the water u drink during lunch goes directly to digestion and not to cells and empty stomach drinking water directly goes to cells.
10) Constipation - Malabaddakam
nowadays people dont have a set schedule to go stools, how many times to go, they are going whenever they are getting for however long 1/2 hour or painfully etc
how can we make stools to come when we want is through water
body mechanism is put pressure from top then puts pressure on the intestines to go stools. This pressure can be best with water.
if drink 1 glass or 2 glasses is not enough pressure to go stools. It should be about 1 liter about 4 glasses of water to put pressure to go to stools.
After you drink if you watch tv or do something still you will not go to stools. only put mind to stools
If you get little sensation to go to bathroom dont go, only go when you go when you cannot control the pressure then go, that will completely empty intestines

If you eat food also you get stools but after eating you dont put your mind as body starts digesting etc so for most people it is difficult with food pressure.

11) Dandruff - Head Chundu
70% people has dandruff
shampoos you use are temporary relief
dandruff can be removed with water
body has different excretory organ big organ is skin. Skin(includes heat part too) sweat people wash with water on the body but not the head.
people dont do head bath everyday they think they get cold etc
MSR says everyone needs to do head bath everyday
sweat in head and heat in the head will become sticky and then collect bacterial collects on it and get infected that causes itchiness and then becomes dry and comes out at dandruff.

shampoos just removes the stickiness only but it will control not coming back again.
having head bath and sleeping is also good
men who have small hair evening also showerwith cold water

People with dandruff shower this way
some people worry that if we scrub with hand a lot on the head we loose hair that is not true.
hair that will go will go but you need to massage with hair
kunkudukay is natural shampoo, use once a week
people worry about it because kunkudukaya goes into eyes will burn
apply lemon on hair before head bath that will take the jiddu away
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