18 Stomach pain
60 70% people have gas trouble or pressure problem
constipation or stools in intestines hardens and stays in intestines and movement of intestines contractions and expansions reduces and this cause gas formation and trouble
1) warm compress
apply warm oil to stomach and apply bag pressure or hot kapadam. This relaxes the muscle and helps go to stools
2) Enema washing intestines with water via warm water through rectum
19 Sun Allergies
people who go outside in sun the skin face hands neck becomes dark and change color or become red and hurt. Those people think they cannot handle sun so dont go out
It is not sun or sunrays that is bad but the reason is not drinking water
sun rays are high if people dont drink enough water they get effected with the rays
example:some trees are good in sun if they are watered enough.
for people if they drink water enough if they go out in sun the heat rays burn out the water in the body and body does not get damaged
1) drink water everyday 4 - 5 liters, afternoon water is the must.
2) apply oil to body or part that is exposed to sun with coconut oil so when sun rays fall oil evaporates and protect the body
3)wear white cloths, put white hat
sunrays are reflected by white cloths, color cloths dont reflect out
olden days white turban
20 Tonsillis or Throat pain
usually kids get this if they eat sweats or ice creams et
sweets have lot of sugar with chemicals and processed and icecreams are cold so when they eat get infection
either by bacterial or viral infection if they keep getting it doctors remove them by surgery.
Tonsills are there to get infected than infecting the body so dont remove them then the remedy is.
1) drink warm water whole day. Drink slowly so the heat will warm the tonsills and fights the infection.
2) hot or warm water gargling without salt
3) warm water compress hotwater+cloth+soak and squeeze and apply on throat
4)lemon and honey water and warm water every 1 hour alternate fating. so the body will fight the infection. Fasting is good because if you eat full the energy is concentrated to digesting food so it will not concentrate on fighting the infection.
honey and lemon water will give energy if you dont eat food.
If you cannot do, full day upavasanam or fasting, you can do fasting till 1 PM afternoon, skip breakfast and then have light foods for lunch and fruits dinner
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