Dont eat fruits with cooked food
people eat fruits after eating tiffins (idli dosa et0 or after lunch or snack (baggies) etc which is wrong
if you mix cooked food and raw food, and eat at the same time then cooked food takes long time to digest and fruits digest quickly and remain in the stomack and rott.
dont mix cooled and raw food
as their digestive time is different and if fruits stay long till while other food items are digesting then it will rott

Digestive time for fruits, foods and meat: fruits and veggies takes less time to digest about half to 1 hour
carbohydrates takes 4 - 5 hours to digest
protein and meat takes 6 - 8 hours to digest

why we can eat banana with curd rice
curd rice is simple carbs so does not take long to digest so okay to eat with banana
Good combination to eat fruits is with sprouted beans
eat sprouts and if still hungry eat fruits. Both are in free digested form.
It is wrong to say that fruits causes this that disease
If you eat fruits with other items it cause gas. If eaten alone it produces no gas
Fruits improve digestion
If you eat fruits with idly dosa it is like putting a stick btw legs on a person walking. obstucting to walk.
sugar patients
after eating sprouted beans eat danimma and jamakaya.
eat fruits 25 % of your food per day
sour fruits improve bodys resistance
oranges, battai citrus fruits have vitamin c
sugar cane juice also have lot of nutritions
Nutrition content for 100 gm sugar cane juice
carbs 9.1
proteins 0.1
fats 0. 2
shakti 39
calcium 10 mg
phosphorus 10 mg
iron 0.1 mg
lavanalu/minerals 0.4 milligram
moisture 90.2 water

people sometimes say dont want to drink because the cane juice guys does not wash glasses, or flies are circling around or obese etc etc. but this is a very good fruit juice
pav liter sugar cane juice is only 100 calories but have lot of nutrients
have simple sugars
sugar cane juice are in free digested form that is immeadiatly goes into blood and gives energy. So this is very good fruit juice. and avoid tea and coffee

fruit juices outside that we buy are not good
out side juices you buy they add other items too like: sugars, ice cubes, milk, powders These drinks are not benificial.
milk takes 2 or 2 1/2 hours to digest and fruits gets digested quickly so it is not good.
Outside - ask for plain fruit juice
mango shake has milk and sugar added and this is also not good compared to just pure mango juice
Best Dinner - just eat only fruits is very very healthy
people who has the following should eat only fruits(2 jamakaya and 3 bananas) for dinner, dont eat any cooked food
  • 30 years or more
  • no labor work sitting job
  • want to wake up in the morining at 4 AM
  • want to sleep at 9 deep sleep
  • healthy body inside
  • liver resistance
eat ripe sweet fruits, sour fruits make as juices
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