Next best after ginjalu(sampoorna aharm) is FRUITS
  • dry kajur is used during puja, indirectly telling that it has more nutrients than most fruits
  • bananas
Fruits - Advantages
  • Fruits are in free digested form
  • tasty
  • no fats
  • give immediate energy in half hour
  • instant energy
  • have nutrients ration in proper form so not much digestion is needed
  • antioxidents
  • vitamin c
  • micronutrients
  • vitamins and minerals
    if body needs to fight against infection and build resistance eat fruits
FRUITS - instant energy
coconut juices and fruit juices
eat fruits every day
is good
some fruits have insecticides or germ medicines
some might say that farmers put lot of pesticides then how can we eat lot of fruits every day??
eat organic as much as possible which is grown with cowdung or natural fertilizer.
even if we eat regular kind liver actually filters or kills them and does not provide harm to the body
or eat fruits that you know that the farmers dont put pesticide
fruits that farmers dont put pesticides
  • jamakaya
  • bopaii
  • sapota
  • seethaphalam
  • pucchakaya
  • karbooja
  • pineapple
  • bananas
  • battai
  • kamala
  • narinja
  • mango
fruits that farmers put pesticides are:
  1. grapes
  2. apple
    people say apple a day keeps a doc away how???
  3. danimma or pomegrant
compare banana with idli
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