TOPICS so far covered
  1. Sandhehalu Samadhanalu
  2. Sadharana Samasyalu Chakkati chitkalu
  3. Prakruti Geevana vidhanam 16
  4. Arogyaniki Punadi Yakkada 124 - 131 (8 episodes)
  5. water - neeti pramukyata 132 - 147 (16 episodes)
  6. sukha virachanam 148 - 169 (22 episodes)
  7. mana sampoorna aharam 170 - 231 (61 episodes)
  8. prodhuboi Tinatam Anartham
Living beings type
Dinacharulu: living beings that eat 12 hours during day(sunlight) and rest or not eat at night and rest

Nisacharulu: living beings that eat and live or roam 12 hours at night and take rest during daytime

Ubayacharulu: eat during day and night

Humans are becoming ubayacharulu. Organs are designed in a way like heart is in its place, thyroid gland is in its place and are designed such a way that they work for some time and need to take rest.

Sleep when
Villages eat by 6 PM and sleep and wake up early morning.
Rest is important for body
Only if you rest 12 hours he/she is able to work 12 hours
why are we not sleeping on time that is when sun goes down at night
due to invention of current
when should women start cooking
3 PM or so if you want to eat at 6 PM. Working people should also come early to dinner.
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