what is surya aharam
is found everywhere
question: our body is born to digest raw or cooked food..
Answer: raw food
animals and humans differ in brain power
Animals dont cook and eat raw and we dont see any sugar BP etc
food that develop with sunlight are surya aharam
what are surya aharam
Only sunshine is need to make fruits to ripe etc that increases the nutrient content also
animals so eat only fruits thar are ripe
sunshine ripes fruits and so when eaten are in free form that digests easily
coconut also when it is ripe on tree it with sunrays the tree dispaches itself and they fall down - this is natures way of saying that this fruit is ready to eat and full of nutrients
surya ahaham vs cooked food
we are eating less of surya aharam and eating more of vandina aharam or cooked food
prasadam if we put to god we put leaves and fruits and and seeds as a natural way
cooked food looses nutrients
raw foods have enzymes, miconutrients anti oxidents in proper ratio
we are eating cooked food that lacks or reduces nutrients and overtime the organs also does not get enough nutrients
raw foods have lot of vitamins mico nutrients enzymes in the right amount
70% shara and 30 amla gunam is needed in blood
yogi or rushis eat only raw food
when cooked raw foods balance out and creates imbalence in body and people end up taking vitamin suppliments B complex, iron, calcium vit a vit c tablets etc
eat suryaharam - raw food that will help body with good nutrients and vitamins and body will also look good
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