raw food vs cooked food (argha pakvalu vs agni pakvalu)
we lose nutrients by cooking
the 5 sense organs eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin are not in control anymore
cooked food
By eating cooked food the body does not receive the nutrients it needs, prone to diseases and reduce age.
Aharam kinds or types
There are lot of suryaharam: leaves, fruits veggies seeds there are 6 types or aharajati:
  1. leaves
  2. fruits
  3. seeds
  4. dumpa or
  5. vegitables
  6. mamsajati or meat
do we have to eat all or a few or mix of everything?
every living being eats only a certain kind based on its genes and does not cook

what is human aharam
what is our aharam or Jati
lamb eats leaves
bird eats fruits
sparrow eats seeds
lion eats meat
humans eats everything but there is a certain kind too and that is ________
lamb in any country eats only leaves
animals eat only certain kind same for breakfast lunch or dinner
some animals are eating differently because of living with humans.

Humans sampoorna aharam is:

  1. carbohydrates (akulu or leaves)
  2. proteins (fruits)
  3. fat (seeds)
  4. vitamins (dumpalu)
  5. minerals (vegitables)
  6. enzymes (proteins)
  7. fiber
what are we eating
If you know what is sampoorna aharam if you can eat only that one, that is good enough. you dont have to eat everything.
Human Gunas and type of food
To eat the 6 types of aharam we need to know 5 human gunas
  1. Sathvikmai (leaves)
  2. less time less digested food (fruits)
  3. less food but more energy (dumpalu)
  4. more vitamins (vegitables)
  5. give 7 balanced nutrients (mamsaharalu or proteins)
which food has all 7 nutrients in them that is a complete food
Sprouted food????

example: job posting we have 1 position and 6 candidates. later episodes have each of the 5 gunas discussed in more detail

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