6 types of foods
  1. leaves or kooralu
  2. fruits
  3. seeds
  4. dumpa
  5. vegitables
  6. mamsaharam - meat
Sampoorna aharam is one that has all the 5 gunas
  1. (satvik,
  2. easily digested,
  3. give more energy,
  4. more nutrients and
  5. 7 of the above nutrient types)
and that food is __________
Different kinds of gunas
Mental state and food we eat are closely realated
humans have 3 gunas
  1. satvik
  2. rajasa
  3. tamasa
out of all the three if people has the one in more quantity that is the state of the person
example if we cook we put salt chilipowder saugar etc. If we put salt more it is called pulusu or if sugar is more quantity then it is called sweet.
humans have all the above 3 gunas
what is Satvik gunam
if mind is satvik then alochanalu is satvik then chestalu satvik and samskaram
if you keep doing the same thing it is samskaram
some people have good samkaramm and some bad samkaram
mind - thinking - doing
good mind - good thinking - good doing - good samkaram
and similar/y bad samkaram
to have good mind and thoughts then we need to eat satvikam food
sound body is sound mind

rushis are satvik so even kings bow before them

what are satvik aharam
kuragayalu, green leafy veggies, dumpalu, fruits, seeds
even though mamsaharam has lot of energy nutrients this is not satvik
animals can eat as its only duty is to eat and do their work

Satvik Aharam and Shaka Aharam
shakahar people are not satvik as they eat avakaya, pulihora curd rice or puri is not satvik
we put fruits to god as prasadam, and some people put pulihora as they believe to put what they eat to go

other definiton of satvik aharam is the food that does not cause thirst
For animals their body is important and for humans their mind is very important

Mind is more important than body
mind is important than body for humans
foods that does not give good mind even if it gives energy to the body it is still not good
Mike tyson: body builder but mind does not have satvik guna and tamas rajas guna is full so with kamam went into destruction

best combination is satvik and balam that is ____
example like radio tune properly so receive the signal well, similary the body is tuned well with mind and then receive good food

doctors knows brain but not mind and diagnose body what is visible or with symptomsMind is more important than body

Shakhaharm people are not satvik
So are Shakaharm(vegitarian) people satvik as they dont eat meat.

Answer: No
because they are cooking food and eating like avakaya pulihora curd rice etc
    Satvik aharam
  1. shakhaharam - vegitarians
  2. Mamsaharm (non vegitarian or meat)
Dont eat meat
eat raw and satvik
give more importance to mind than body
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