1. inheritance
  2. fat cells more or fat deposit(eating more of fatty food stores as fat cells in body)
  3. thyroid problem
  4. lack of exercise
  5. lack of knowledge of food and eat what ever we get
women are more fat than men. 75% women are suffering from obesitiy than 50% in women due to harmones effect of medicines, not enough physical activity, pregnant women due to rest during pregnancy.
It is like rubber band we stretch strech etc and once it is overstretched it cannot regain its shape.
weight should be per height and per age
If we are over the weight it hinders the body functions and organs will work more
we are working towards obesity but we should work even before overweight
8/10 are overweight in America
First find the cause of weight and then work on it.
If eating causing weight then work on eating healthy
if thyroid then use medication and good nutrition,diet,yoga,exercise and regular check ups to reduce dosage.
when do people gain weight
some people take medicines to sleep or relieve stress.
no responsibility, grown kids with family of their own and aged people metabolism slows down so put on weight
Thyroid problem
continue medication and then check with doc and reduce but do not completely stop medication with MSR food habits
yoga meditation
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