fats and weight

People say we dont eat any fatty foods and eat less oil etc then how are we gaining weight.

We think that only fatty foods make us fat and if we dont we dont put on weigh is not true.

If you dont eat ghee still you may gain weight also. Oil and ghee are direct fat. Peanuts, cashes almonds and nuts have fat but good fat and if you eat a lot of them then you may put on weight. 

If you eat more than what your body need then you put on weight. Any food extra that is converted to sugar and  extra sugar is stored as fat.



direct carbohydrates or empty calories - polished flours

we are making rice, rice flour idlis, utappa etc that has no nutrition. They digest very quickly and gets absorbed into intestines quickly and gets into blood directly at once. So sugar in blood increases. If we exercise of work heavy it gets used up.But if you sit and work then body to maintain sugar level converts into glycogen and stores in liver. If storing capaciy of liver increases then body stores in fat cells. 


money have in pocket, more money put in cubboard, even more money put in bank, fixed deposit

If you eat mudibiyam then it has fiber that maintain and slowly releases sugar in the blood.

oil food takes long 5 to 6 hours to digest and then reaches intestines. 



main causes of obesity -eating polished or refined
  • rice white rice
  • polished wheat flour
  • polished rice flour
  • maida refined
  • uppud rava
  • upma rava
Body needs the following

Body needs the following

  1. carbohydrates
  2. proteins
  3. fats
  4. vitamins
  5. minerals
  6. enzymes
  7. fiber

Most of them exists in all items, only protens and fats are found only in few items.

beans and ginjalu has all of these 7 items. Mudubiyyam or unpolished rice has all 7 of the above.wheat or godhumalu 

when you the grain is polished the upper layer nutrients gets lost. after polishing 4 or 5 times silky rice is white and white rice flour. It contains no nutrients.



eating mudi ravva, mudi biyyam is good. 

polished food is like white poison. eventually triglycerides increase that increase heart diseasee, sugare diabets etc

eat as much as body needs not more as it stores as fat.


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