For Andra people rice is the main staple food that is eaten.

If you say not to eat rice to Andra people that is very sad news. 

Andra Pradesh is the only state that has high sugar or diabetic people

They say that they eat only once a day. For them if they dont eat rice then that means that they ate dinner. If they eat pulka chapatti etc it is not considered dinner or lunch. 

how to loose weight

Body needs carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, fats 

To loose weight reduce carbs only dont reduce others as it will lead to harmonal imbalance and low resistance

women if they want to loose weight and need 2000 calories per day, they can eat 1800 per day so the body can use its body fat, so we loose weight

men need 2500 calories per day, if they want to loose weight they can eat 1900 calories and remove rice from diet and eat pulka whole wheat and dont lessesn any vitamins or minerals or fiber 



why pulka over rice

remove rice from diet from lunch and dinner will help body slim

advantages of pulka over rice

some eat godhuma annam, ragi mudda, gonna annam, rice or vari annam

1 kg has 3500 calories

1 kg = 7 small glasses of rice (uncooked rice)

1 glass of rice = 500 calories (or 1 cup of rice)

Heavy activity people rice is very good as it gives lot of energy to burn, but for people who dont heavyly work has sitting jobs it is not good at all. It has empty calories that goes directly to blood. 

Andra people has the worlds largest Diabetic people. It is due to rice only.

Indias state Rajeshthan has the lowest diabetic people because they dont eat rice at all they eat pulka only.


why eating wheat flour, our body gets less calories than rice

Even though the same quantity of rice and wheat has same calories, we cannot eat more pulkas so we get less calories. We can eat max of 3 pulkas.

1 kg wheat has 3500 calories

make powder to make wheat flour 

make pulka 1 kg wheat flour comes to 60 pulkas

each pulka has 60 calories -- If you eat 3 pulkas then it is 60 x 3 = 200 about calories

if you eat 1 cup of rice = 400 calories this is double that of when you eat pulka


why for some people say eating pulka makes body hot

some people say that eating pulka makes their body hot (vedichesthundi). It is not because of pulka but it is due to

  • eating less veggies and 
  • not drinking enough water

dont drink water with food as it neutralizes stomach acid. 

eat wheat pulka for lunch and night add raagi or jonna or other kind of puka. put some spinach or totakoora methi or munagaku etc that will make it tasty and nutritious.


rice addition

some people who dont eat rice for many days they really long to eat as they are so addicted to it .

such people eat once in a while rice little

healthy pulka example

Dont buy wheat flour in shops. They show adds that wheat flour nicely puffs etc

Healthy pulka 

1 kg wheat, 1/4 sojjalu 1/4 ragulu 1/4 jonnalu 1/4soya. Dry and make flour and make chappatis is very good

add any green leafy veggies to make it tasty and nutritious.


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