10. lung problem: 1 minute lungs breath in and out 15 to 18 times. If overweight 30-40 per minute. If you breath fast then lung is also working hard. Those people have disturbed sleep as cannot breath properly so body wakes up. 

11. Stretch marks - If people who are fat take of cloths have lot of fats and stretchs not pretty to look at

12. sweat and fungal infection. Skin diseases. Due to big body pumping blood to all areas not accessible so toxins collect 

13. back disk problem 

disadvantages/pain caused due to overweight
  1. feet pain as overweight puts lots of weight on feet (overweight people have the feet without arch but they are flat overtime with weight) bone also grow backwards. 
  2. knee pain or mokala noppi. (1/2 of people who suffer from knee pain is due to weight gain some due to cartilage damage or dry). Joint also gets strained so its sturcture damage and both the bones join or touch and pain. For overweight people who damage a lot the doctor tells them to not climb up and down and no exercise and if they eat and sit they tend to put more weight.
  3. heart problem: heart has to pump blood 10,000 liter blood pump everyday. Heart beats at night also then does the heart rest? The heart beats for 60 sec 72 times beat, that is for 1 beat it is .8 sec that is the gap. .4 sec lab and dab, the reamaining .4 it takes rest.  If you are overweight that .4 sec disaapeares because if you are owervewight body has to beat faster to supply to big body so the rest time decreases. for 60 sec pulse rate is 100 - 120 beats. Overtime the heart problem. Because of no rest effeciency decreases. 1 Kg weight 300  blood vesses increases.

If people are very thin (bones and nerves visible) then we dont like it

If we are overweight then those people have lot of other diseases automatically. 



4. BP increases as blood vessels become hard and so difficulty in puming to heart has to beat faster so upper reading of BP value goes up. Since heart is not resting then lower value of BP goes up

5. Timmirlu 

6.Varicose veins: are swollen, twisted, and sometimes painful veins that have filled with an abnormal collection of blood If blood pumps then blood goes to all the blood vessels. If overweight blood pumps to long vessels but it has to pump back to heart. THe pumping back to blood is stopped then that blood stays in that part and it becomes bulged.

7. Triglycerides are nothing but fat. fats when traveling in blood are called triglyderides. (we when travel in bus we are called passengers) If triglycerides increase then it is not good as those people are risk to heart attack, artherosclerosis

8.gall bladder stones

9 women: irregular periods, harmone imbalance, infertility, thyroid problem, insulin resistance and sugar. If overweight and sugar that people are more prone to other diseases. Dieting causes harmone imbalance.


Overwight has many diadvantages and cause for many problems or diseases. 

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