50 Balinthal pullati pandlu thinte pillalaku jalubu chstunda
this is not true
18 Balinthalu boppayi thinte paalu padathaya
not true
47 Garbinilaku Manchi Ahaaram
16 kanti choopu sarigga vundalante emi cheyali
19 Konchem konchem ekkuvaga thinte arogyaniki manchida
not good
Eat food when hungry is good as it digests very well and produce good energy
If you eat little many times, daily digestive cycle gets effected.
5 molakethina vithanaalu thinte gas vasthunda 5
24 Thindi Tagginchi Thinte Baruvu Thaggutaara?
Bigger body needs more nutrition.
If diet and eat less food it is not good for the body.
instead of eating 4 dosas eating 2 dosas, eat less of everthing sweats less instead of more rice eating less rice will cause tiredness, harmone imbalance periods irregular, less blood timurlu in nerves hemoglobin less so feel tired if we walk.
this reduces weight but does not give nutrition to the body.
Body needs good nutritional food to successfully reduce weight eat sprouted beans for protein, fruits and veggies, etc
17 Sannaga Bakkaga Vunnavaariki Prakruti Vaidyam Avasaram leda
36 Uppu thinakapothe iodine andadu kada
No, Iodine is not only present in salt. It is present in other foods like
iodine difficiency causes thyroid problem. if people who eat only maggiganam without veggies or fruits they have less iodine.
58 Uppu thinakapothe sodium andadu kada
Na or sodium is needed in very small quantity for body. We dont need additional salt or Nacl (sodium chloride).

Except rain water every other food has sodium in right quantity Just like mother milk has all nutrients in right quantity need for the infant or baby

totakura or glass of milk or spinach or tomato or veg juice all have some sodium or salt in it.

54 Mutram ekkuva velthe neerasm vastunda
why do we need to drink lot of water is for body to go to urine so excrete toxins and clean the body.
we are urinating few times only and little only and women control for long and during travel and working people in AC etc are urinating thick yellow pain and smelly is due to less water intake.
urine should be white color to eye. if you look in microscope it is lite yellow color but for eye it is clear
body excretes via urine and body sweat
kidney cleans blood 5 liters of blood once in an hour and sends bad toxins out
we are eating salt a lot and if you store the salt it is not good for the body
If a person drinks 2 liters of water then if he goes to urine about 1 1/2 liters he will not loose any electrolytes so we dont have to worry.
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