Balintalu get more milk if eat
  • Protein food or balamaina aharam
    breakfast: sprouted beans, soaked peanuts, pesarlu, senagalu, fruits
    lunch: brown rice(instead of polished rice) has b-complex
    lunch: green leafy veggies snack: fruits
first few days yellow milk is very important and nutrition for the baby.
First 21 days food (some people follow in india)
Menthulu + tuvar dal + belam curry
menthulu has estrogen harmone helps women build estrogen lost after pregnancy

kayakooralu like beerakaya, sorakaya etc
powder of oma + curd + garlic

items good for women after pregnancy
  • methi seeds
  • dill seeds (iron content in it)

make drink of methi and dill seeds and drink twice a day

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